Kantok menu for sharing
with family and friends


In Thai culture, Kantok means sharing food with friends and relatives. Chef Khampan has created a special menu originating from Northern Thailand.

The menu is traditionally eaten without a fork, knife or spoon. An extra bowl of water is brought to the table for cleaning your hands. The menu is sufficient for at least four people.


Nam Prik Ong

Minced chicken wok with red chilli dip sauce

Gang Hung Lay

Red curry with pork

Nam prik Noom

Vegetable wok with green chilli dip sauce

Crispy pork skin chips

Northern Thai sausages

Peek Gai Thod

Deep fried chicken wings

Mixed crunchy vegetable

Mixed cooked vegetables and raw vegetables

Pla Thod nam Pla

Deep fried crispy white fish

Sticky Rice

Price: 80€



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